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1. Korea Plaza

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Operated by Korea Tourism Organization, the tourist information centre at Korea Plaza provides you with information on tourism in Korea. All brochures, maps and travel guides are provided free of charge (please note that the brochure mailing service has ceased). Visitors can approach any staff if assistance is required. As a neutral organization, we are unable to recommend specific accommodations or travel agencies. Under the Travel Agents Act (Chapter 334), we are not able to make any bookings or reservations on traveller's behalf as we do not have the license to perform any Travel Agents duties. We thank you for your understanding.

Korea Plaza Activities
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Regular courses are held in Korea Plaza every month for the public to learn more about the Korean culture. These courses include Korean language classes, K-pop Dance Classes and Korean Food Making such as Kimchi Making, Tteokbokki Making (Korean Spicy Rice Cake) and more!

To find out more about our updated activities, check out "What's Happening", and "like" our Facebook page. You can also subscribe to our monthly e-newstletters by clicking here.

Korea Plaza also showcases the following
- Hallyu(Korean Wave)
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Occasionally, Korea Plaza plays host to popular Korean celebrity visits and fan club gatherings. Korea Plaza has been visited by some of the hottest K-pop stars like Kim Jeong Hoon, Kim Gang Woo, FT Island, T-Max and Brown Eyed Girls. If you would like to hold your Hallyu Fanclub gathering in Korea Plaza, please email us at

- Hanbok Trying and Photo Area
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Visitors to Korea Plaza can try on our wide array of Hanbok (Korean traditional costume) and take pictures at our Photo Area at no cost.

2. Travel Agent Assistance

We work with travel agents as well as airlines in the development of new tour itineraries and regularly produces press releases to ensure that new developments are constantly communicated and updated to the media.

3. Visit Us

Korea Plaza, 3 Church Street, #01-02 Samsung Hub, Singapore 049483
Korea Plaza Operating Hours
Tuesday - Thursday: 9am - 6pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Closed on Monday, Sunday, Public Holidays; or otherwise stated

4. Staffs

  • Staff PictureDirectorLim Chul Soo
  • Staff PictureGeneral ManagerLee Jee Eun
  • Staff PictureGeneral ManagerSon Sae Hyeong
  • Staff PictureJunior Marketing ManagerFelise Tan
  • Staff PictureJunior MICE ManagerJonathan Lee
  • Staff PictureAdministrative OfficerMelissa Ling
  • Staff PictureGuest Service OfficerLecia Tan
  • Staff PictureGuest Service OfficerKweon Oh Hyun
Staff Picture
  • NAMELim Chul Soo | 임철수
  • JOB TITLEDirector
  • JOB DESCRIPTION In charge of promoting Korea's tourism in Singapore.

"In charge of promoting Korea's tourism in Singapore. I want to make Korea as the best tour destination for Singaporeans while introducing unique Korean culture, food and many tourist attractions."

Staff Picture
  • NAMELee Jee Eun | 이지은
  • JOB TITLEGeneral Manager
  • JOB DESCRIPTION All kinds of promotional activities in Singapore(including the development of new tour itineraries, travel agents & media familiarization trip to Korea etc.)

"I love to be in Singapore!!! I love meeting new friends, new food and new culture. Being in Singapore, I can do all of the above!! "

Staff Picture
  • NAMESon Sae Hyeong | 손세형
  • JOB TITLEGeneral Manager
  • JOB DESCRIPTION FIT and online marketing for Singapore market. Operating Korea Plaza events and activities. Administration and Accounting.

"Hello Singapore! I am very excited to introduce beautiful and fun country, Korea to you. Please do not hesitate to visit Korea Plaza at any time. You can learn Korean language, cook Korean food, even dance KPOP. Korea is wating for you!"

Staff Picture
  • NAMEFelise Tan
  • JOB TITLEJunior Marketing Manager
  • JOB DESCRIPTION In charge of Free & Independent Travel sector, event management, WAH! Korea Club, etc.

I'm happy to share the culture, fun experiences, and all the nice food in korea. Welcome!!

Staff Picture
  • NAMEJonathan Lee
  • JOB TITLEJunior MICE Manager
  • JOB DESCRIPTION MICE, event planning and management, etc.

Having lived in Korea for 6 years, it is like a second home to me. I'm excited to be part of this team and to be able to share all the wonderful things I know about Korea!

Staff Picture
  • NAMEMelissa Ling | 멜리사
  • JOB TITLEAdministrative Officer
  • JOB DESCRIPTION Handles daily operation of Korea Plaza, WAH! Korea Club, Education travel enquiries, etc.

"Korea? Saranghaeyo! I would be delighted to be of help to tourists traveling to Korea, as well as to those who wish to experience Korea right here at our local Korea Plaza."

Staff Picture
  • NAMELecia Tan | 재인
  • JOB TITLEGuest Services Officer
  • JOB DESCRIPTION Attend to visitor enquiries and running of Korea Plaza operations.

"From the sceneries to the food, I simply love everything about Korea! Always ready to assist you here at Korea Plaza! :)"

Staff Picture
  • NAMEKweon Oh Hyun | 권오현
  • JOB TITLEGuest Service Officer
  • JOB DESCRIPTION Attend to visitor enquiries and running of Korea Plaza Operations

"I would love to share with you about my beautiful country and culture. Feel free to approach us whenever you have questions to ask about Korea. I look forward to seeing you at Korea Plaza. Thank you."