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Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) sells exclusive railroad passes for international tourists or foreign residents living in Korea. These special tickets allow unlimited travel on KORAIL-managed trains for a select period of travel. There are no limits on the number of times you can travel or where you can travel during the duration of your pass.



The KORAIL Pass is exclusively for the use of internationals traveling in Korea. Each pass can only be used within the designated duration period (2, 3, 4, 5 days). KORAIL Pass holders can make use of all railroad service offered by KORAIL, including the high-speed KTX and regular tourist trains.

KORAIL Pass types:

The KORAIL Pass comes in Consecutive Pass and Flexible Pass types. The duration of each type of pass is listed below.
- Consecutive Pass (pass for 3 or 5 consecutive days)
- Flexible Pass (pass for 2 or 4 selected days)

KORAIL Pass prices (unit: KRW):

Type Age Group Discount
(2~5 people)
(ages 13 and older)
(ages 6-12)
Flexible 2 day pass 121,000 61,000 111,000
Consecutive 3 day pass 138,000 69,000 128,000
Flexible 4 day pass 193,000 97,000 183,000
Consecutive 5 day pass 210,000 105,000 200,000
  • - Children under 6 years of age ride free with accompanying adult (limit of one child per adult)
  • - Discount fare applies to group travelers of 2-5 passengers
  • - Flexible pass can be used for the purchased number of days within a ten-day range from the first use.

Available train options:

Applicable for regular trains (KTX, KTX-Sancheon, ITX-Saemaeul, ITX-Cheongchun, Saemaeul, Mugunghwa, Nuriro) and tourist trains (Central Inland Circle Train (O-Train), Baekdudaegan Valley Train (V-train), Jeongseon Arirang Train (A-Train), South Coast Train (S-Train), West Gold Train, Peace Train (DMZ-Train))
* The pass is not available for use on subways, SRT or temporary tourist trains.

Purchasing process:

Travelers may purchase a KORAIL Pass voucher from overseas distributors, KORAIL Travel Centers, or from KORAIL’s official website. Travelers booking the pass online will immediately be issued an e-pass, which must be printed out for use. In the case of no purchase before arriving in Korea, you can still purchase a pass on the day you wish to travel. KORAIL Pass holders can make seat reservations before arriving in Korea through the “My Reservation” section of the KORAIL website. Seat reservations can be made up to 31 days in advance through the website. Tickets purchased online can be printed from home or picked up from the station. Prices for KORAIL Pass will vary depending on the user’s age group and pass duration. Detailed information on fares and how to purchase can be found on the KORAIL website.

KORAIL Pass usage notes

  • You must carry your KORAIL Pass, train ticket, and passport when using the trains.
  • A valid passport is required to purchase a KORAIL Pass.
  • KORAIL Pass can only be used by the person listed on the pass (Reselling of tickets is not allowed).
  • A service fee will be applied in the case of KORAIL Pass cancellation: 5% up to 15 days in advance, 10% 1-14 days in advance, no refunds available for cancelations on the day of travel.
  • KORAIL Pass start date must be within 30 days from the purchase (One change of date is permitted before the start date. Not available to change after the selected start date has passed.)
  • Refund of KORAIL Pass not available after seat reservations have been made.
    * Refer to the KORAIL website for detailed information.

☞ KORAIL Pass website: (English, Japanese, Chinese)

☞ KORAIL Customer Service Center: +82-1599-7777 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
* Available 08:00-22:00 KST

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